New photo-a-day site
I just thought I'd post to let all of you know that I'm no longer going to be posting on this livejournal, since i've found a new and awesome place to post a photo-a-day: Shuttercal. It's a lot faster and easier for what I want to if you're interested in joining or looking at my photos, you can check them out at:


I'm so frustrated with myself right now. 365 pictures is something that I wanted to do so bad, and I just keep failing miserably. And I have no excuse. When I look at people like jnphotos, who I know is just as busy if not more so than I, there's just nothing I can try to say to redeem myself. I feel like such a moron for messing up with this how many times now. It's not that difficult. I just don't know what's wrong with me...I always forget or am too lazy to get online and upload and it just all gets messed up. I don't know what I want to do if I want to keep trying or just say f**k it.

Day 1 (starting again)

I'm starting again. These are some of the members of the Barbea Williams performing company from Tucson.

I did it again.
Yep...there goes that goal for this year. It's February 20...and I haven't posted a single picture all month. I'm sorry!! I've been so busy with trying to finish my transfer applications, plus just staying on top of my work for classes here. I'll be updating my deviantART (rionic) as soon as I can. And here's the new plan--the project 365 will return next month. Starting March 1st, I'll be trying this again. Hopefully I can quit being such a blog loser and actually keep updating!!

Thanx for reading....

Day 31

Mi amor.

Day 30

I dyed my hair again today. It finally turned out the color I was hoping for!!

Day 29

I'm so obsessed with the internet, it's not even funny. My laptop is my lifeline.

Day 28

For me, black fingernails = confidence. I don't really know why.

Day 27

Today I received my first-ever rejection letter from a was for my short story, "Progress," that I sent off last month.

Day 26

My first attempt at using a slow shutter speed to capture headlights. It didn't work very well.



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